VIP Loyalty Club

Earn Points - Get Free Vacations

What's the old saying... "Membership has it's advantages"? At VIP Vacation Services, our VIP Loyalty Club offers many advantages. For each vacation stay, you earn points. For each activity booked through one of our VIP Activity partners, you earn points. And, everytime you refer a friend or family member to become a VIP Member, you earn points. It's that simple.
As you accumulate points, you reach three levels. Gold, Silver and Platinum. Each level you reach, gives you a 5%, 10% or 15% discount, respectively, on future vacations booked directly through Pagosa Vacation Homes ("Discounted Vacations"). Or, instead of buying Discounted Vacations, once you become a qualified Member, you can swap your points, one point for one dollar, towards any vacation ("Swap Vacation"). It's super easy!
Oh yeah... one more thing. Each member gets a VIP Membership card that offers hundreds of dollars of free stuff in town! If someone referred you to join our club, please leave us their Membership Number in the Message Section Below.
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