Owner Section



If you are planning to buy a vacation rental home, or have receently purchased one and are looking for a manager, VIP Vacation Services is the right place to be. 


New Owner Package:

FREE VACATION HOME EVALUATION. Some people needlessly spend too much money prepping a home, while others don’t spend enough. Let us help you keep on track with the decorating, painting and furniture ideas.

FIRST TIME DEEP CLEAN. It’s essential that you start your vacation rental business with a home that is properly cleaned with all issues and conditions well documented so that any future guest issues are easily resolved. Our starter Deep Clean is 25% off our standard rate.

LINENS AND TOWELS.  No need to buy any lines or towels. Let VIP provide all of these for your home at NO COST TO YOU. We will replace all damaged items as they occur at our expense as well. This is approximately a $800-$1000 savings to you. (sheets and towels remain VIP property).

DISCOUNTED SERVICES. Our team has over 20 years of experience in most handyman related services. From small renovation and painting, replacements of fixtures and switches, to many repairs. Our services are offered at discounted rates and if we can’t do it, we’ll find you the right person who can.

HOT TUB SERVICE.  If you have a hot tub, VIP Vacation Services, and our Certified Pool Operator,  will provide the most comprehensive and frequent tub service of any company. We understand that hot tubs are a critical component to your success and also your guest’s enjoyment. VIP will service your tub each week and also after each guest for a flat monthly fee, that includes all guest and service chemicals and those periodic times your tub needs to be emptied, deep cleaned and refilled. (generally costing $165 with other service companies)


If you are reading this, it’s likely that you are considering a change with your current manager. We understand that these decisions may not be easy, but if you are considering a change, VIP Vacation Services may be the perfect fit. We often transition homes from another management company and are very familiar with the process. Any existing reservations will stay on your books and we will treat those guests like our own, for no commission. Rest assured, your transition will go smoothly,

Change of Manager Package:

HOUSEKEEPING.  We use state of art technology that ensures that all properties are properly scheduled and that each home meets the strict standards of a VIP Home. This also allows us to monitor your belongings and document any guest incident.

LINEN STORAGE AND CLEANING. Using the VIP High Quality linens and towels does more than make your guests super happy, it also allows you to have your closets back. We store and clean all linens/towels offsite. This also saves wear and tear on your equipment and provides a savings each month on utilities and detergent costs. Plus… any damaged items can easily be replaced through our bulk rate. This will save you and/or your guests money should an incident occur.

HOT TUB SAVINGS. Let our Certified Pool Operator service your Hot Tub for a flat rate that provides service each week, or upon departure of each guest, whichever is greater. Our low flat fee covers all chemicals and empty and refilling services. If you’re paying to have your tub serviced, this, alone, may be worth the switch.

TRASH TO STREET. Our team will bring your trash cans to the street and back. No longer do you need to ask your guests to take someone else’s trash out. We have a group rate for local trash service.

MARKETING. Without a doubt, your property will reach more people each month. All of our properties are listed on all of the top rental booking engines, PLUS, be featured on this site! We also do direct and social media marketing to the key demographics and areas most likely to attract visitors to Pagosa Springs.

There are many more benefits to working with VIP Vacation Services. Give us a call and let’s see if we can work together.