Meet The Team

VIP Vacation Services is a family owned business. We fell in love with the vacation rental business as owners, had great success in self managing our homes, and the idea of VIP Vacation Services started in 2013. We are so proud to be offering our unique business strategies and services to other owners and through that, we are able to meet and help more guests have a VIP Vacation Experience!

Stuart Scull and Lori Schoenbaum


Stuart and Lori fell in love with Pagosa Springs the summer of 2013 and shortly thereafter began owning vacation rental homes. They love this business and made a major career change to grow a success vacation management company. Creating a memorable guest experience is truly the best part of the business. All guests will likely meet or talk with either of us during their vacation.

Troy Schoenbaum

Guest Services / Maintenance

Troy (pictured on the right) performs the pre and post stay inspections and handles many of the guest services offered through the VIP Concierge services. He also provides routine home inspection and maintenance services. Troy is a pleasure to work with and will always go the extra mile to create a great experience.

Ashley Treptow

Concierge Services / Customer Support

Turn an ordinary vacation in to a special memory with our Concierge Services. Whether it's renting a 4WD, flying in a Hot Air Balloon, going back in time to ride a train through the mountains, or having your home fully stocked with groceries, Ashley will make sure your vacation is perfect. Ashley has over 10 years of providing Concierge Services at Wyndham and was excited to join our team in 2020.

Jessica Schoenbaum

Reservation Manager

You may not meet Jessica (pictured on the left)  in person, but you’ll likely get a call, email or text from her before, during and after your vacation. She makes sure that all early check-in and late check-outs are properly managed and will ensure that all refunds occur in a timely manner. She’s always eager to help with your vacation planning and will help you create your vacation experience.