Grocery Shopping Service


Grogery Shopping Service

One of our most popular services!

Imagine arriving to your destination, after a long day of driving, only to find that all of your favorite foods and drinks are already waiting for you to enjoy. Add one of our premade gourmet meals to your order and you'll have a wonder hot meal with very littl effort.

The process is easy. Let us know you are interested and Ashley will set you up in our shopping account. From there, you choose the items you desire, we'll let you know the estimated cost ( prices may vary when purchased ) and we will pruchase and properly place in the home prior to your arrival. We will then charge your card on file in your folio. Almost as good as room service!

For this service, we charge the following:

  • 15% of the total store charge
  • $35 stocking fee
  • $20 for going to a second location if needed